Blogging about cupolas at Medium

22.12.2016By LauriBlog, Cupola

Some time ago I decided to write some blog texts about cupolas. Instead of posting them here, I decided to put them up on Medium, but I might do some cross posting, publishing the texts first there and later here on my own blog. So far I’ve published two texts: one about what makes a … Read More

Commercial Handpans

27.11.2016By LauriBlog, Cupola 1 Comment

Just noticed that Thomann has started selling two different handpan brands on their website: Terre has been available for some time already and now there are Meinl handpans, too. Just for the record: personally I have never played instruments by Terre or Meinl (manufactured by Harmonic Art). The videos that I have seen show instruments, … Read More

Handpan + Beatbox @ Savoy-teatteri

13.11.2016By LauriBlog, Cupola, Music

One and a half weeks ago I was asked to play at the book release event with Felix Zenger. The book is called Biohakkerin käsikirja (The Biohackers’ Manual) and as the title suggests, it’s all about biohacking. At the gig we played two songs together, Strange Beats Of Helsinki and Zentagon Pentagon (from my debut … Read More