Timbre & space

06.05.2015By LauriBlog

Imagine two different instruments — for example a double bass and a tuba — playing the same melody. Same register, same volume, yet a totally different feeling. Then imagine the same song played with a marimba, and a monophonic acid bass synth. Even though the song’s melodic content stays the same, the feeling is almost … Read More

Materiality of Sound Recording

28.02.2015By LauriBlog

For the last two weeks I was teaching a course on sound collage, focusing on Ableton Live and the materiality of sound recordings. The course took place at the University of Arts Helsinki. Some notes/ideas/open questions about the materiality: 1. It does not matter how the sound is produced (analog/digital/acoustic/electric etc.) until we ask: How … Read More

What is reverb?

21.01.2015By LauriBlog

As I’m getting closer to unleashing Real Music for Unreal Times, I’ve had a bit more time to think about what the heck have I actually done… The album consists of two elements (as hinted in the title). There’s spontaneous, improvised, raw musical performance and then there’s the reverb, which was created live in the … Read More