Full moon update

09.10.2014By LauriBlog

Lately I have found myself doing a lot of graphic design for friends: cd covers  flyers, posters, websites  I feel a bit stupid, because I should be focusing on getting my album out as soon as possible! But on the other hand, it feels good to contribute to my friends’ projects, even if it means sitting and … Read More

The Amazing Mystic Hang Drum

02.10.2014By LauriBlog

“Wow, you play a hang drum!” I hear that phrase almost every time I go busking. Usually I explain politely that it’s not a Hang by PANArt, but basically the same instrument. In English they are usually called handpans. They can also be called cupolas or pantams. But not hangs or hangdrums or spacedrums. Unless, … Read More

The struggle continues…

15.09.2014By LauriBlog

Last week I didn’t catch flu as usually happens after I finish a stressful project… Great! My piece “A Bell; Refraction” is currently exhibited in a group show at Forum Box, and while I have to admit I’m not happy at all with this version, I’m still very excited about the concept and potential in this … Read More