Turning a radio into a percussionist

04.09.2014By LauriBlog

Today I realized that all this time I’ve been making a simple acoustic sonification of a radio… But why would I make a sonification of a sound signal? Loudspeakers were invented in the late 19th century. Until then all sound sources were more or less acoustic, nonelectric instruments. More than a hundred years later the situation has turned … Read More

A New Sound Sculpture

29.08.2014By LauriBlog

My new sound art piece is almost ready. The exhibition opening is next week and I’ll have to work my ass off in the next days, but there should still be enough time to finish the sculpture… I’ll share pictures and more information about the project soon! When I say I’m working on a sound … Read More

Fireflies (in memoriam Dante Bucci)

18.08.2014By LauriBlog

On friday I was in the middle of a recording session of my second album, when during a coffee break I opened my Facebook to read the sad news about Dante Bucci’s passing. A friend posted a short status update that contained only Dante’s name, and at first it seemed like a Facebook search written … Read More