What is a human body?

28.07.2014By LauriBlog

What is a human body? It consists of cells. But inside the body live ten times as many bacteria as human cells & ten times as many viruses as bacteria. So, mathematically speaking our bodies are more than 90% bacterium and more than 99% virus.

The Loneliest Bass

23.07.2014By LauriBlog

About two years ago I went to a concert by Colin Stetson. He mentioned a story that had inspired him to compose a new song. It was about a whale who happened to sing in a different register than other whales. The result was that the other whales could never hear what he was saying. … Read More

The Cupola Tuner of Earthquakes

15.07.2014By LauriBlog

A long time ago I saw a film… dreamy, weird… To be honest I can’t remember a lot about it. I think at one point I fell asleep. But somehow I remembered the title when designing my new busking flyers. City is the main instrument of a busker. But like any instrument, it can be … Read More