Vuorikaiku — a new sound gallery in Helsinki

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The last two months I’ve been busy with a project that I’m very excited about. As an artist focused on sound, I have always hoped that someone would start a simple sound/listening gallery in Helsinki. In March 2014 I will open Vuorikaiku in Arabianranta. Some contemporary art galleries here do exhibit sound works every now … Read More

Taikatalvi & the Death of Snufkin

27.01.2014By LauriBlog 1 Comment

Today, I’m playing a live soundtrack to a sound theater play. Laura Jaakkola has directed Tove Jansson’s classic Taikatalvi (Moominland Midwinter) in a series of “adults’ bedtime stories”, that are theater plays performed by voice actors and a musician. This seemed a good chance to repost an old song that never got much attention but … Read More

Back to the future

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Since I was a kid I have been interested in different concepts of time (thanks to Robert Zemeckis). Even today questions like linear vs cyclic time or single vs multiple timelines are very central to my music. Yesterday I watched a documentary about the Antikythera mechanism and was reminded of the amazing possibilities of today’s technology in … Read More