A Theory of Love

25.05.2020By LauriBlog, Music

Kumea Sound · A Theory of Love Today is my birthday and because of that I want to give a little gift to you. It’s called A Theory of Love and it’s the first single from my upcoming album, Real Music for Unreal Times: Vol. 2. On this track I played the cupolas and keys, … Read More

Why do we do what we do?

23.04.2020By LauriBlog, Music

“Why are people doing it?” asks percussionist Ken Hyder, raising his voice above the early evening burble of the south London pub. “It’s a question that I think should be asked of all musicians: ‘Why the fuck are you doing what you’re doing? What’s important to you?’ For me, it’s not the notes that are … Read More

More Real Music – New album coming!

31.03.2020By LauriBlog, Music

About 2-3 weeks ago when the covid-19 epidemy started to have real effects here in Finland I started recording a new album. What pushed me to do it was some support messages that I got from some people who had bought my 2015 album, Real Music for Unreal Times. Since I made the album I … Read More