Hidden Music — My new albums that you can’t buy

24.02.2020By LauriBlog, Music

In January I got to spend a week in England with my good friends and colleagues. I returned home refreshed and full of new musical ideas and have been composing new tracks for my two upcoming Kumea Sound EP, Hidden Music 2: London, and A Requiem for the Bees. Bees was originally planned for release … Read More

2019 recap… Onwards!

24.01.2020By LauriBlog, Music

Being consistent about posting new blogs has never been a priority to me. But since I have the blog function here, I may as well update it. For the last 1-2 years I have leaned more and more into the soundtrack composing and I absolutely love it! Currently I’m finishing a special soundtrack for a … Read More

Olen jossain (I’m Somewhere) wins at Koura Awards

25.03.2018By LauriBlog, Music

Last week I was working with the young people in Sipoo with Gutsy Go so I couldn’t attend the award gala, but on thursday night a friend sent me a fairly cryptic message, which made me suspect our documentary had won something. Next morning I learned that Olen jossain (“I’m Somewhere”), the multimedia documentary about memory … Read More