Lauri Ilmari Wuolio

Born 25.5.1984 in Jyväskylä, Finland
Lives and works in Helsinki


2005-2012 Time and space related arts, MA, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts
2010-2012 KUNO Joint Nordic Sound Art Programme, MA


Sound, music, performance, conceptual art, installation, location & situation -based art


Memory, language, improvisation, experimental instrument building and sound design, dirty minimalism


2017 Oceans of Sadness, Mountains of Hope (cd, lp, digital download)
2015 Real Music for Unreal Times (cd, lp, digital download)
2013 Kumea Sound (cd, digital download)
2012 Lauri Wuolio: Vexations (digital download)
2012 The Discussion Cards (2nd edition, Kustannus Oy Taide)
2010 Wuola: Five Shadows (digital download)
2009 The Discussion Cards (1st edition, Kustannus Oy Taide)

Music for film, dance, radio and theater

2017 Lauri Mäntyvaaraan tuuheet ripset (The Thick Lashes of Lauri Mäntyvaara), directed by Hannaleena Hauru (Aamu Film Company)
2017 Olen jossain, directed by Tuula Rajavaara (Yle/TV)
2016 Olen jossain, directed by Tuula Rajavaara (Yle/Radio)
2015 Säälistäjät (Mercy All The Way), directed by Hannaleena Hauru (Made Productions)
2013 Santra, directed by Miia Tervo (For Real Productions)
2012 For those who have time, by Maija Hirvanen (Zodiak)
2011 Our social democratic bodies, by Maija Hirvanen (Zodiak)
2010 Trees and such, directed by Markus Lindroos
2010 Under a Burning City, directed by Riikka Kuoppala
2009 Whispering in A Friend's Mouth, directed by Hannaleena Hauru (Aamu Film Company)
2008 Suljetut ovet, directed by Perttu Leinonen
2007 All What You Can Get, produced by European Theatre Collective

Selected solo & group exhibitions

2014 CATCH, Forum Box (Helsinki, FIN)
2014 A Black Mandala (33 1/3 rpm), Vuorikaiku (Helsinki, FIN)
2012 Magnetic Memory of Things, LAK Festival (Copenhagen,DK)
2012 Soundings 2, Museum of Contemporary Art (Roskilde, DK)
2012 Odotushuone - Waiting Room, Lasipalatsi (Helsinki, FIN)
2011 Kuori - Post-Catastrophic Urban Culture (Helsinki, FIN)
2010 Kaikki sarantuva, Galleria FAFA (Helsinki, FIN)
2007 Black Box of Nothingness, Galleria Välivuosi (Helsinki, FIN)

Curatorial etc

2014 Concept and curating for Vuorikaiku Sound Gallery (Helsinki, FIN)
2011 Concept and curating for Kuori - Post-Catastrophic Urban Culture (Helsinki, FIN)

Other public appearances

2012 Vexations (x2), 9-hour performance of Erik Satie's Vexations, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art
2012 The Discussion Cards used in presidential television debate
2009 Master of Concepts, societal card game tournament, Kiasma Theater