Lauri Wuolio (1984) is a Finnish composer and artist. He studied time and space related arts in the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, focusing on sound art, performance and installation. In the written part of his thesis he studied campanology (the study of bells) in context of contemporary sound art. His final work "In Girum Imus Nocte"consisted of a set of bells struck by mechanical hammers and infrared sensors tracking the movements of the audience.

Wuolio creates his music mainly with the cupola (aka handpan) and various electronic instruments, synthesizers and samplers. His music has been heard in numerous installations, films and in theater and dance pieces. Before the pandemic he also used to be an active live performer.

In his music, one can hear traces of Steve Reich, Brian Eno, Arvo Pärt and more contemporary electronic acts such as Tim Hecker, Boards of Canada and Pan Sonic. "I was seventeen when I moved to Reykjavík, Iceland. There I was strongly exposed with all kinds of weird sounds and experimental electronic music. Now that landscape and history vibrates in all music I make."

In autumn of 2013, Wuolio released his first album under the name Kumea Sound, which combines his sound art background to his experience as a street musician. His second album, "Real Music for Unreal Times", was released in 2015. Third album, "Oceans of Sadness, Mountains of Hope" was released digitally in autumn of 2017. His fourth album, "Real Music for Unreal Times: Vol. 2", was released in the spring of 2020.

Wuolio lives and works in Helsinki.