Recording a new album

Yesterday I took the train to Vaasa to record my next album at Nordic Audio Labs. I’ve been really impressed by Martin Kantola’s microphones so I was more than happy to travel here for some days. And after a day full of some intensive mic tests & two long record sessions I feel very inspired […]

Work & Intuition

Today I have made MIDI mappings for QuNeo and QuNexus to be able to record some parts of my new installation live. I hope to finish the piece this week. But I still haven’t decided if I should include a messy, chaotic, beautiful part in the middle. If I do, the composition suffers. If I […]


Learning art is learning a tacit language. Over and over again. Every day. Repeatedly asking: what is beautiful, what feels true, how do I make it? No questions. Only answers. I’m making new sounds, learning to use new materials and new tools. Also thinking about learning to code. Soon I have to finish the bass […]