Commercial handpans & deep tuning

06.06.2017By LauriCupola, News

Some time ago I wrote a critical blog post about some commercial handpan brands. I received a comment on the website, but since the commenting function of my site appears to broken, I decided to take all the comments down. However, I wanted to share a comment that I got from a player called Tokhi. … Read More

Blogging about cupolas at Medium

22.12.2016By LauriCupola, News

Some time ago I decided to write some blog texts about cupolas. Instead of posting them here, I decided to put them up on Medium, but I might do some cross posting, publishing the texts first there and later here on my own blog. So far I’ve published two texts: one about what makes a … Read More

Commercial Handpans

27.11.2016By LauriCupola, News 1 Comment

Just noticed that Thomann has started selling two different handpan brands on their website: Terre has been available for some time already and now there are Meinl handpans, too. Just for the record: personally I have never played instruments by Terre or Meinl (manufactured by Harmonic Art). The videos that I have seen show instruments, … Read More