Handpan + Beatbox @ Savoy-teatteri

13.11.2016By LauriCupola, Music, News

One and a half weeks ago I was asked to play at the book release event with Felix Zenger. The book is called Biohakkerin käsikirja (The Biohackers’ Manual) and as the title suggests, it’s all about biohacking. At the gig we played two songs together, Strange Beats Of Helsinki and Zentagon Pentagon (from my debut … Read More

New Website & Quick Update

07.11.2016By LauriNews

I updated my website to represent my work better. I’ll fix some things and add my art & music portfolios when I find time to do that. This year I’ve been working my ass off for some super exciting projects. New soundtracks and albums are cooking… My first full length feature film soundtrack will be … Read More

A Small Lesson in Psychoacoustics

15.05.2016By LauriNews

I just spent at least 15 minutes cursing and thinking my speakers or cables are broken. Then I realized that the crackling noise was coming from outside: it’s raining against the window. The interesting thing here is that as long as I thought the noise was coming from some broken part in my audio system … Read More