New performance in Kiasma Theatre

17.02.2016By LauriNews

I was commissioned to create a performance for Skills of Economy Sessions, a multi-disciplinary societal art event curated by Jussi Koitela. Here’s what he writes about the project: The events are a continuation of the Skills of Economy curatorial project addressing artists’ reactions to economic rhetorics and their understanding of their economic situations. Sessions focuses … Read More

Real Music Concerts 2015

20.07.2015By LauriCupola, Live, Music, News

I’m excited to announce a series of special concerts, starting this August. There will be five special concerts, four of which I will play together with a guest musician. I will confirm the venues soon, but all of the gigs will take place in Helsinki. The first gig will take place on the Night of … Read More

Timbre & space

06.05.2015By LauriNews

Imagine two different instruments — for example a double bass and a tuba — playing the same melody. Same register, same volume, yet a totally different feeling. Then imagine the same song played with a marimba, and a monophonic acid bass synth. Even though the song’s melodic content stays the same, the feeling is almost … Read More