A Theory of Love

25.05.2020By LauriMusic, News

Kumea Sound · A Theory of Love Today is my birthday and because of that I want to give a little gift to you. It’s called A Theory of Love and it’s the first single from my upcoming album, Real Music for Unreal Times: Vol. 2. On this track I played the cupolas and keys, … Read More

More Real Music – New album coming!

31.03.2020By LauriMusic, News

About 2-3 weeks ago when the covid-19 epidemy started to have real effects here in Finland I started recording a new album. What pushed me to do it was some support messages that I got from some people who had bought my 2015 album, Real Music for Unreal Times. Since I made the album I … Read More

Hidden Music — My new albums that you can’t buy

24.02.2020By LauriMusic, News

In January I got to spend a week in England with my good friends and colleagues. I returned home refreshed and full of new musical ideas and have been composing new tracks for my two upcoming Kumea Sound EP, Hidden Music 2: London, and A Requiem for the Bees. Bees was originally planned for release … Read More