Tao and Arches of Sorrow

22.03.2022By LauriCharity, News, Philosophy

In the shadow of all crises, most words feel too small. A while ago I was talking with my mother and we got into a small argument about what the Bible says about war. I wasn’t convinced by the idea that the Bible could offer a useful perspective on Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, but … Read More

Beauty, philosophy and rust

26.01.2022By LauriNews

Breaking the radio silence with a short summary of my last year — and some news about what’s coming next. I was working a lot. I made at least two soundtracks, a new (yet unreleased) album and composed a lot of new music for my next releases. We also launched a new multimedia art project about … Read More

Don’t be restless

04.08.2020By LauriNews

Yesterday I saw a quote from Tove Jansson in my social media feed. It was a short and frankly a quite forgettable quote that would be easy to pass without even noticing it but for some reason it resonated strongly with me in all of its simplicity and optimism. The last couple of years I’ve … Read More