Oceans of Sadness, Mountains of Hope (2017)

Kumea Sound’s third album, Ocean’s of Sadness, Mountains of Hope, marks the artist’s first foray into the ambient chamber music genre. Offering a striking contrast to the more serious tone of its predecessor, the album was originally recorded as a personal musical diary in June 2017 and was released only after receiving encouragement from friends who recognized its potential.

The album was released as a numbered vinyl edition of just 20 copies and in digital format, and the vinyl edition sold out within 30 minutes of being announced.

Featuring a captivating mix of handpans, synthesizers, and samplers, the album maintains a hopeful and playful tone. The combination of traditional handpan melodies and modern electronic elements seamlessly merge to create a harmonious soundscape that transcends genres.

Ocean’s of Sadness, Mountains of Hope is a testament to Kumea Sound’s versatility and artistic growth, as the artist broadens his expression with more compositional elements along with improvised material. The album offers listeners an uplifting and immersive journey that is both reflective and inspiring. With its unique blend of musical styles, Ocean’s of Sadness, Mountains of Hope delivers an enchanting listening experience.

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