Yesterday I took a long walk and filmed a selfie style pitch video for my upcoming crowdfunding campaign. It’s funny how difficult it is to talk to the camera, especially when no one is interviewing! I remember when I started doing my Street Records, I felt the same way with microphones. The moment I pressed the big red record button I would just freeze. But luckily it’s just a question of practice and I got soon over it.

I’m now editing the video & will publish it when the campaign goes online. My target timeframe is early next week, but time is scarce these days…

A Bell; Refraction (2014)

Today I spent half a day writing fund applications and describing my old works. I also added my recent soundpiece to my portfolio. Check it out here.

Last week I also sent my first newsletter for Kumea Sound. If you’re interested in reading more focused updates about my music, please subscribe to the list on the Kumea website. I will be also sending out exclusive free music downloads for all subscribers every now and then!

Tomorrow I will be playing two gigs in Helsinki. First at an independent art festival at Hietsun Paviljonki at 18:30, then later at an event called Power to be you around 20:00. If you’re in town and want to do something different, check out the two events on Facebook and show up!

Now… trying to finish that damn video…