Just noticed that Thomann has started selling two different handpan brands on their website: Terre has been available for some time already and now there are Meinl handpans, too.

Just for the record: personally I have never played instruments by Terre or Meinl (manufactured by Harmonic Art). The videos that I have seen show instruments, that are not even near the quality that their price suggests. I would be extra cautious about buying these instruments from Thomann.

While Terre is fairly unknown builder in the handpan world, Harmonic Art has been around for some years. They are mostly known for their past shady practice of selling overpriced and poorly tuned instruments and constantly changing their company name for no explanation.

The bad side is: you don’t know what you get when you buy these instruments! The good side: Thomann has a good return policy.

I have nothing against commercial handpans, not even poor quality handpans, but they should be accordingly. Thomann is a capitalist company and their mission is to sell a lot of instruments to the world. This means that sometimes availability and maximizing profit runs over quality and culture. If you are interested in these instruments by Terre and Meinl/Harmonic Art, just be aware that you are NOT paying for quality, but for Thomann’s efforts to make extra profit.

What the handpan world needs is a good quality entry level handpan, priced at around 500 €. Just for the reference, in 2001 the first Hang were sold at around 250 €. There are reasons why PANArt could sell their first instruments at this price in beginning, but also why they raised their prices over the years.

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  • Hello dear handpan friend and brother 🙂
    I would like to response. You said that you never played a handpan from Meinl (Harmonic Art) – so why the judging? I can understand, that you dont have to like the price from Thomann, but it depends on each and only buyer, to consider the price and the quality of the instrument.

    I play Harmonic Art – Harmonic Sculptures for many years, I am professional percussion player, I use them in studio, recording sessions, for TV commercials and so on. And I would proudly recommend them. I will have 4 pieces at home now, and against other handpans I played before – the sound is strong and very clean, with lot of aliquotes, people and producers just love it. The steel is beeautiful, I didnt have to retune once – and I use them almost every day, at least for practice sessions….

    And I dont have problem to order them from Colombia and pay the shipping costs, or take them from Germany and pay the same to Thomann, but have it faster, without boring paper stuff and immediately without waiting. My choice, my happines.

    I really love it and just wanted to response to all the guys, who will read this. You should play them first :-))


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