Yesterday I saw a quote from Tove Jansson in my social media feed. It was a short and frankly a quite forgettable quote that would be easy to pass without even noticing it but for some reason it resonated strongly with me in all of its simplicity and optimism.

The last couple of years I’ve been really thinking a lot about time: everything between seconds and years and eons. This has led me to do all kinds of music experiments: polytempo, dynamic time, irregular rhythms, too slow or too fast tempos, parallel moving tempos… Weird stuff. Not very easy to dance to.

As exciting, inspiring and awesome I’ve personally found these experiments, I’ve been very well aware of the practical problem tied to this kind of non-commercial music. I’m trying to make my living with music after all…

Anyway, today I got a phone call from YLE (Finnish Broadcast Company) that they are making a new radioshow about time. ”Could you make some weird, funny music where time behaves in a strange way?”

Yes. You called the right guy!

Can’t help but laugh how Tove Jansson’s stoic optimism feels so spot on.

”Don’t be restless. Things will usually fall in their right places if you’re patient.”