On friday I was in the middle of a recording session of my second album, when during a coffee break I opened my Facebook to read the sad news about Dante Bucci’s passing. A friend posted a short status update that contained only Dante’s name, and at first it seemed like a Facebook search written in a wrong text box. Then, after reading the comments, came the disbelief and sadness. While on the train back home, I listened to Dante’s album and remembered how we had jammed together just two months earlier at Hangout USA…

Before and after the jam he was practicing his version of Cohen’s Hallelujah, which someone had versioned earlier the same evening. I got only fragments of Dante’s version on my Zoom, but our whole jam was recorded. While we played, the sun set and fireflies swarmed all around us. One of the truly magical moments of my trip to Hangout, and one of the very few that were documented.

Thank you Dante for your music and inspiration! May your music continue bringing joy and light to our lives! Also, all my deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.

RIP Dante.