Some good news during the crisis! Some months ago me and the poet Kaija Rantakari made a project based on Kaija’s poem Suutelen sinua / I kiss you, and now it has been chosen in the finals at Shortdox 2020 run by The Finnish Broadcast Company (Yle).

The audio poem was originally released online together with an artist’s book I helped Kaija to create (Kaija is also a master bookbinder and book artist).

On the sound poem Kaija reads her text (which is a poetic collection of real kisses, represented by lines starting with “I kiss you…”) in multiple voices that I layered upon each other and composed together with a minimalist electronic ambient composition.

The original version is five and a half minutes long, but for the competition I made a radio edit of just under three minutes. You can listen to the long version at, where you can also order the Finnish-English bilingual artist’s book — if there are any copies left! The competition version is available along other finalists at

The finals take place in September 2020.