A long time ago I saw a film… dreamy, weird… To be honest I can’t remember a lot about it. I think at one point I fell asleep. But somehow I remembered the title when designing my new busking flyers.

City is the main instrument of a busker. But like any instrument, it can be in or out of tune. If the architecture allows, a good busker can make the whole street resonate beautifully. This doesn’t mean they should be raising earthquakes. In fact, loud amps or drums usually just add tension to the city ambience… (Just couple of days ago I had to quit busking when an African ensemble started banging their drums 300 meters away from me. This time I was fine with it — they put up a good show with dancers and a lot of people enjoyed it — but there are some buskers who don’t realize how much acoustic space they claim for themselves.)

I see busking as a way to “retune” the city ambience. Retuning doesn’t happen by competing with its noises, but rather by playing together with them.