Last week I didn’t catch flu as usually happens after I finish a stressful project… Great! My piece “A Bell; Refraction” is currently exhibited in a group show at Forum Box, and while I have to admit I’m not happy at all with this version, I’m still very excited about the concept and potential in this piece. I will continue working with the concept and will hopefully make another version in future that actually sounds like what I had in mind.

During the last two weeks I have busked a couple of times and played two concerts at a church (one private, one public). Especially the gig at Temppeliaukio Church was a pleasure. Gotta dig those acoustics!

Yesterday the autumn season started at Vuorikaiku sound gallery. Mikko Haapoja’s Helsingin reitit (“The routes of Helsinki”) will be running until 6th of October. There will be four shows left this year, which I will announce at Vuorikaiku FB-page and blog.

While writing this I’m listening through the recordings we made some weeks back in Vaasa. I have about 3,5 hours of material which I will edit into a ~40 minute record. All songs were performed live in studio and there will be no overdubs. The intention is to make a record that captures my personal touch on the cupola as well as the magical sound of the instrument.

There’s also a new video coming soon (probably more than one actually). Also, I should book some gigs in Finland for this autumn. If you want to hear Kumea Sound live in your favourite club/bar/venue/living room, send me a message and let’s make it happen!