UOYMAI — New Single Out 6.10.2023

UOYMAI. I’m happy to share my first single release in three years! It will be out this Friday on all streaming platforms.

Sometimes writing a song is like taming a bull. And sometimes a bird flies in through your open studio window and writes the song for you. This song is latter kind. It was done impulsively and finished before I had time to reflect on it.

I played an early voice memo version to my friends and they said they could listen to the groove on loop for six minutes straight. Another friend commented, it sounds like I am in love, which is very much true.

UOYMAI is based on two components: a syncopated repeated rhythm over a steady beat, and a simple descending melody, that is contrasted by two alternating bass lines. Although I enjoy drifting into complex structures and ideas, I often gravitate towards simplicity in production. Here I aimed for an even simpler form than usually. There is funky beauty in simple things!

The title is a nod to my friend Jeremie Rinaldi (@chiefofnothing), who gave me my favorite t-shirt. The mix was done by my awesome friend Connor Shafran, and the mastering was done by Manu Schlindwein.

Kumea Sound Releases Vibrant New Single “UOYMAI”

Helsinki-based musician and producer, Lauri Wuolio, better known as Kumea Sound, is set to return to the music scene with his first release in three years, after the success of his critically acclaimed album, “Real Music for Unreal Times: Volume 2.” On Friday, October 6th, audiences across all major streaming platforms will be treated to his latest single, “UOYMAI.”

Radiating optimism, the track seamlessly combines a consistent beat with a syncopated handpan rhythm and artfully arranged samples of synths, piano, and guitar. The outcome? A masterfully crafted track that’s as deceptively simple as it is irresistibly catchy.

“UOYMAI” serves as a nod to the art of minimalism, emphasizing that even in our ever-complicating world, there’s profound strength in simplicity.

Composed and produced by Lauri Wuolio/Kumea Sound
Mixed by Connor Shafran
Mastered by Manu Schlindwein
Released on Future Rust


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