Happy new year folks!

I was going to write a big blog post in December about my succesful album fundraising campaign, but I caught a flu and so I fell behind all schedules… Thank you everyone who helped make this happen!!!

So, this week I finally returned to my studio to finish the album layout and print files. When this is done, the album will be sent to print. As it takes couple of weeks to manufacture the physical albums, the release date is set to February (I’ll give an exact date later).

Even though the album is not yet printed, Folk Radio UK got a prerelease copy and couple of days ago they released a thorough review of the album! As I’m used to read very short reviews of my doings, it was really cool to see how much effort they put into this. Btw, if you’re a music journalist and are interested in getting a review copy, send an email to info (at) kumea (dot) net!

In December I also released a new video with the Finnish beatboxing virtuoso Felix Zenger. Check it out here:

There’s a lot of interesting things coming up this year. If you want to follow Kumea Sound more closely, you can subscribe to Kumea Sound newsletter. And there’s always the social media (FacebookInstagramSoundcloudTwitter)…

I hope you’ve had a great start to this year. Let’s make it a good one!