Don’t be restless

04.08.2020By LauriNews

Yesterday I saw a quote from Tove Jansson in my social media feed. It was a short and frankly a quite forgettable quote that would be easy to pass without even noticing it but for some reason it resonated strongly with me in all of its simplicity and optimism. The last couple of years I’ve … Read More

Our sound poem nominated at Shortdox 2020

04.04.2020By LauriNews

Some good news during the crisis! Some months ago me and the poet Kaija Rantakari made a project based on Kaija’s poem Suutelen sinua / I kiss you, and now it has been chosen in the finals at Shortdox 2020 run by The Finnish Broadcast Company (Yle). The audio poem was originally released online together … Read More

Olen jossain (I’m Somewhere) wins at Koura Awards

25.03.2018By LauriNews

Last week I was working with the young people in Sipoo with Gutsy Go so I couldn’t attend the award gala, but on thursday night a friend sent me a fairly cryptic message, which made me suspect our documentary had won something. Next morning I learned that Olen jossain (“I’m Somewhere”), the multimedia documentary about memory … Read More