Our sound poem nominated at Shortdox 2020

04.04.2020By LauriNews

Some good news during the crisis! Some months ago me and the poet Kaija Rantakari made a project based on Kaija’s poem Suutelen sinua / I kiss you, and now it has been chosen in the finals at Shortdox 2020 run by The Finnish Broadcast Company (Yle). The audio poem was originally released online together … Read More

The best poem I’ve written

16.04.2014By LauriNews No Comments

I used to write poetry, but I got out of that habit around 2009.¬†A year ago, however, I wrote this piece for a small art zine, which was published at a festival where I played. Just recently, the poem surfaced mysteriously out of somewhere, so I decided to put it here on my blog. It’s … Read More