I just spent at least 15 minutes cursing and thinking my speakers or cables are broken. Then I realized that the crackling noise was coming from outside: it’s raining against the window.

The interesting thing here is that as long as I thought the noise was coming from some broken part in my audio system it made me crazy and annoyed, but now the sound just mixes beautifully with the music.

I work every day with sound, often tweaking small details that are probably quite inaudible for most casual listeners. So, for me, the fact that I totally failed to identify the sound source is quite mindblowing and also a strong reminder that we hear what we think we hear — sound without interpretation is just meaningless, tiny changes in air pressure.

My ambient playlist tonight:
Max Richter – Sleep
David Toop – Lost Shadows: In Defence Of The Soul (Yanomami Shamanism, Songs, Ritual, 1978)
Eduard Artemiev – Solaris Original Soundtrack