I just learned that “I’m somewhere” (orig. “Olen jossain”), the radio documentary I composed the music for, has been nominated at PRIX EUROPA 2017 in the radio documentary category.

For the soundtrack I used two different musical elements. The first one was a 50 minute solo acoustic composition, which was composed/improvised with my grand mother’s life story in mind. In her 80s she has struggled with memory illness, which is reflected in the composition as themes that develop early and then slowly degenerate like a failing memory. Something, that was present in the beginning is still present in the end, but only as fragments or vague impressions of the original themes. The other musical element was a 30 minute long experimental electronic composition of 7 distinct parts, which all present different “scenes” of life, such as “routines” or “people” or “places”.

These two musical elements were composed so that you could combine parts freely from both elements creating new compositions or ambiences for the documentary.

For the tv version of the documentary I composed another four themes — one of them can be heard on this playlist that I just posted on Soundcloud (track number two, “Kaikki toistuu” or “Everthing repeats”).

The first track on the playlist is from my next album, which I will release in a couple of weeks… More info on that soon!