I’m excited to announce a series of special concerts, starting this August. There will be five special concerts, four of which I will play together with a guest musician. I will confirm the venues soon, but all of the gigs will take place in Helsinki.

The first gig will take place on the Night of Arts in Helsinki (20.8.) at WHS Teatteri Union. It will be a solo gig with cupolas and a turntable, plus experimental videos by Max Oravin and Joakim Pusenius. Did I mention this concert will be free? Bring your friends with you!

In September I will play a duo gig with Ilkka Heinonen on bowed lyre and violone.

In October I have set up an encounter with the roughest jazz guitarist in this country, Aleksi Ranta.

November will bring you some more strange beats with the one and only Felix Zenger.

And finally, in December, me and Salla Hakkola will make experiments with cupola + electric harp + whatever machines we might add to our setup.

Dates and venues are yet to be confirmed, but there will be more information soon!