I make sounds with acoustic and electronic instruments in real and unreal spaces. I am interested in memory, language, and temporal site-specific experiences, such as existing.

Solo Albums

2020 Real Music for Unreal Times: Vol. 2 (cd, lp, dl)
2017 Oceans of Sadness, Mountains of Hope (cd, lp, dl)
2015 Real Music for Unreal Times (cd, lp, dl)
2013 Kumea Sound (cd, dl)

Music for Productions

2022 Eero Was Here (a film by Pasi Rauhala)
2021 Kertomuksia loputtomasta kivusta (a radio series by Riikka Rahi)
2021 The Cleaners (theatre performance by Post Theatre Collective)
2020 Krono - Valon kaiku (music for installation at Öljysäiliö 468)
2020 The Mind (a dance performance by Off/Balance)
2019 Laika, Lada, Marx ja mä (a TV miniseries by Harri Alanne)
2019 Rojumonologeja (radio series by Tuula Rajavaara)
2018 Metatitanic (a film by Hannaleena Hauru)
2017 Thick Lashes Of Lauri Mäntyvaara (a film by Hannaleena Hauru)
2017 Olen jossain  (a TV documentary by Tuula Rajavaara)
2016 Olen jossain (a radio documentary by Tuula Rajavaara)
2015 Mercy All The Way (a short film by Hannaleena Hauru)
2013 Santra And The Talking Trees (a film by Mia Tervo)
2012 For Those Who Have Time (a dance performance by Maija Hirvanen)
2011 Our Social Democratic Bodies (a dance performance by Maija Hirvanen)
2011 Trees and Such (a short film by Markus Lehmusruusu)
2010 Under A Burning City (a short film and an installation by Riikka Kuoppala)
2009 Whispering In A Friend’s Mouth (a short film by Hannaleena Hauru)


2022 OS Moses (installation with Pasi Rauhala)
2014 A Black Mandala (33 1/3 rpm) (sound installation)
2009 Discussion Cards (conceptual card game)
2009 Master of Concepts (performance)


Rinneradio, David John Sheppard, Snow Palms, Felix Zenger, David Kuckhermann, Marko Nyberg (Husky Rescue), Max Oravin, Ilkka Heinonen, Aleksi Ranta, Salla Hakkola, Laivue



If you would like to hear my work in your production, book me for a gig, or just say hi, send me a message! I am available for workshops, teaching, consultation, concept design etc.

Send me email at lauri@wuolio.fi