The Cupola Tuner of Earthquakes

A long time ago I saw a film… dreamy, weird… To be honest I can’t remember a lot about it. I think at one point I fell asleep. But somehow I remembered the title when designing my new busking flyers. City is the main instrument of a busker. But like any instrument, it can be […]

Dirty Minimalism

I wrote earlier I’m working on a loop piece. It started as an explaration of a new concept of minimalism I have been thinking for a while. Minimalism feels often like gold paint — a thin surface which says nothing but: “I can afford this”. It is a style that justifies consumerism by making it […]

Game On

I have never really been a blogger, but maybe I have done it wrong, taking it too seriously, pretending to be a poet of some sort… Fuck poetry. I’ll start sharing updates about my work more frequently. Because I think it’s good to share the invisible part of my artistic job. Good for who? I […]